Standard Bearers for Warmachine & Hordes
Matt Clark (Press Ganger) Tim Banky (Press Ganger)
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Warmachine & Hordes are compatible table-top miniature games set in the Iron Kingdoms, a world of steam-powered warfare between newly industrialized nations. The armies of Warmachine rely apon steam-powered Warjacks, commanded by magic weilding Warcasters. The armies of Hordes utilize massive monsters called Warbeasts, telepathically controlled by Warlocks. Warmachine & Hordes are skirmish-level games, with armies built from a mixture of infantry, solos and warjacks/warbeasts. A typical army will consist of about 15-30 models. Strategically the games rely on a combination of tactics and maneuvering, and good generals will utilize synergies between their units and Warcaster/Warlock. While players are attempting to complete a goal in each scenerio, they must also protect thier Warcaster/Warlock as the loss of thier leader triggers immediate defeat. This creates a great dilemma in each game as the leader is both vulnerable, but also their most potent and important offensive unit. All in all Warmachine & Hordes are easy games to begin, and offer lots of depth for both beginners and veterans alike.

There are several ways a player might begin their journey into Warmachine or Hordes. The Warmachine Two-Player Starter Set includes a copy of the rulebook as well as forces for both Khador and the Protectorate of Menoth. Alternatively both the Warmachine Rulebook, and Hordes Rulebook are available separately. Each army in both Warmachine & Hordes has a beginners kit including a leader and two or three warjacks/warbeasts.
Warmachine Two-Player Starter Set