Standard Bearers for Flames of War
Fred Hamilton " I grew up in a time when vestiges of the second world war were still common sights and memoirs and battle histories were still being written. The interest this sparked was seen in the books that I have collected and read, the boyhood models that I built and the battlefields of the world that I have visited since.

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Playing Flames of War became a passion that brought together a lifetime of curiosity and respect for what I have learned. So it is, when a play area is prepared and the units deployed the panorama of the FOW game transports me to a time and place that I could only imagine. It provides the satisfaction of escaping, even for a short time, into a situation where one should never want to go, and explore the "what if's" of history.

FOW by design is easily played one on one or multi-player. The latter option makes it, in my opinion a social game, despite the subject matter. In this case the historical accuracy of the models is enhanced by the personalities of the players. I have often been amused by teams that have difficulty working together and at the same time applaud the successes of both enemies and allies. In the end, playing FOW should be fun and provide a learning experience on proper tactics and historical back ground. Win or lose, no two games will ever come out the same. Die roll results ebb and flow presenting even veteran players with battlefield decisions that they did not prepare for.

As the FOW Standard Bearer I have the privilege of providing gaming experience to anyone who is interested. Playing is the best way to learn. If you don't have an army, one can be provided for your enjoyment.

Everyone is welcome and I hope to see you at Black Knight" ~Fred

Flames of War is a table-top miniatures game set during World War II. The flexibility of the game allows players to take on any type of company for any of the major European/North American powers. Whether playing an army as specific as the US 101st Airborne, or as a basic German Panzergrenadier company Flames of War allows you to recreate the history of WWII while maintaining a fun and blaanced game system.

It is easy to begin. The Open Fire! starter set offers an excellent bundle at a great price. It includes two forces as well as the rules manual and dice/accessories. Otherwise there are several books to select armies from, simply choose your force and acquire the miniatures needed to field it.

If you would like to give Flames of War a try simply contact the Standard Bearer by email or through the forum, and he will be more than happy to teach you the game!
Open Fire! Starter
Rulebook + Forces
Das Book
Artillery Template
FoW Miniatures